Granville Island Waterpark

(Waterpark Adventures, Part 3)

The third waterpark of the day was the Granville Island Waterpark. Our apartment is close to Granville Island and at first is may seem like an odd route… to journey out to various parks and head back for the third. But we planned it this way. The thought was to visit the other two, head back to the apartment for a break — and then take the ferry over to the island. (It also allows for a quick trip home if there is an end of the day meltdown.)

What we didn’t plan for was there being so many bicycles on the seawall that it felt like we were in the middle of the Tour de France as we made our way back to the apartment. But, we made it. Had a break. And, took the rainbow ferry over to the island.

Tucked between the kids market and the False Creek Community Centre, this little park was the absolute winner of the day. There’s food, nice people, colourful water pipes, fire hydrants, sandboxes for babies, a spray park, a waterpark, waterslide, and a unique play area for kids.

But, I’m not going to say much else except to hand the post over to La Niña who is my guest poster.

Guest Poster: La Niña


The Granville Island waterpark was awesome there were two water parks not including the water slide. [I]n the first one there was a big fountain that when someone steps in a spot it shoots up up into the air.

By the big fountain were these things in the ground that automatically shoots up like the big fountain. [T]he other thing I’m about to tell you is in the second park. [I]t’s like [a] big arch [and] it shot down like a car wash… and I’m the car.

beep beep crash boom bang bang be,bee,beep how do you like my driving? Good day sir.

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