Water Park at Lumbermen’s Arch, Vancouver

(Waterpark Adventures, Part 2)

After leaving the Second Beach Pool, we hopped on our bikes and headed to Stanley Park. By this point, the traffic on the bike paths had increased and La Niña weaved in and out of people like a champ.

It was during this ride that she also had her first wipeout on a bike. Nothing terrible, except for a scraped knee and hurt feelings when a man yelled at her to get out of the way as she was struggling to get out from under her bike (just another day in friendly Vancouver). He immediately got a great taste of hot Irish temper and slithered away as La Niña picked herself up and continued to ride.

Before making it all the way to our next destination (the waterpark at Lumberman’s Arch), we found a cute little wooden castle play area in the woods and stopped to play and have a snack.

Lumberman’s Arch is located exactly where my brother and I used to play as kids. It’s amazing to see how much the city has changed in the past decades. The animals are gone and places like the polar bear enclosure and otter slides are now abandoned and overgrown. But new things, like this waterpark, continue to draw people.

The park holds more than an hour of entertainment and challenge for the kidlet (see if you can get from one end to the other on the blue strip but not get wet). The best part was a giant cliff and waterfall built out of some sort of rock-ish, rubber-ish material. The ground was also not entirely cement. Parts were made of the same rubber-ish material that made the cliffs kid-friendly.

From La Niña: Second best park with an awesome cliff waterfall that I could get in and out of without getting wet. The only problem was the water was so cold.

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