Deer Lake, Burnaby

Please, please, one of the things I want to do most in the world is go kayaking. This request came from La Niña, and it was before our San Diego sea kayaking experience. I wanted to see how she would be in a boat and Deer Lake seemed like a nice easy first kayaking experience before moving onto something a little more extreme.

Deer Lake is a short walking distance from Burnaby Village and to get to the dock and boat rental area you walk along a nice, flat boardwalk that gives you shade and encounters with lots of frogs, dragonflies, interesting birds, river otters, and turtles. The walk was as much of an exploratory adventure as the kayaking.

Boat rentals on the lake are cheap, easy, fast, family-friendly, and require little to no preparation if you are less than 10 people (no reservation needed). And, discount vouchers are freely available online. From arrival to water took roughly 15-minutes for us.

Once in the water, it’s easy to get from one end of the lake to the other and back in less than an hour. I let La Niña do most of the paddling… she’s a natural, which is no surprise given her heritage. During her first kayaking experience she was a pro.

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