Sea Kayaking, La Jolla

‘Twas a lovely day. Hot, sunny and perfect weather for a bit of kayaking. We had high hopes for the viewing creatures: dolphins, sharks, sea lions, seals — and were looking forward to a bit of exercise in the sun. There are so many companies to choose from and we chanced a sojourn with Bike & Kayak Tours. I have no complaints about the company; everyone was pretty awesome throughout the day.

However, unrelated to the people and the tour, the day quickly turned when motion sickness hit. I thought that a couple of ginger candies and homeopathic remedies would protect me from the ebb and flow of the ocean. No such luck! Luckily, Niña never has an issue with motion.

It didn’t start out this way… when we left the ocean was pretty darn calm… lake-like and I’ve done more than my share of lake and river kayaking without a problem. However, at some point, the ocean turned and became rough. Remember that lovely breakfast that we had at Cody’s Restaurant? It was out of my stomach and gone long before we returned to the beach… and I wasn’t the only person having troubles.

It was this adventure that prompted me to look for a different approach to treating motion sickness. Rather serendipitously I started chatting with a doctor at London Drugs who also had problems with motion sickness. I originally went in to see what other super drugs existed other than Gravol, which for me is akin to taking a hallucinogenic drug and several sleeping pills at the same time. He recommended the Transderm patch and honestly it was the best discovery of the summer and saved me during other ocean trips in Vancouver.

As mentioned above, I have no complaints about Bike & Kayak Tours. However, trying to order photos from their online system at the end of the tour was like trying to draw blood from a stone.

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