Arlington by Day

We learned quickly that cabbies in Arlington rarely know where they were going — or at least the ones that we met. The first question we consistently got upon entering a cab and giving the address was: “Can you tell me how to get there?” On two separate occasions the cabbie got lost.

Because of this we started taking the metro everywhere. The system is fairly simple to understand if you know how a metro system works. There are five lines — each with a colour. We stayed primarily on the orange and blue lines. One thing I really liked was on most platforms you could see a screen that told you how many minutes until the next train; it took away the mystery of when the next train would appear.

Our meeting was in downtown Arlington — close to the Potomac River. The wind from Wednesday continued well into Thursday and at lunch we took refuge in a small pub down the street from the offices where we were meeting. It was a nice break from talking technical talk and database specs.

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