Arlington, Virginia

We’re staying in a unique little townhouse in Arlington, Virginia. Arlington is, of course, the home of the Pentagon and the Arlington Cemetery, which I will write about later.

Upon arrival we discovered that it was super windy and also colder than I had expected (probably because of the wind); I was expecting around 8 degrees Celsius and it was 1 degree Celsius when the plane landed.

The regular manager of the townhouse was away so things didn’t go as smoothly as they could have for arrival. One of the items I went searching for was toilet paper because I couldn’t find any. Katherine ended up pulling some out of an unlikely location and thus saved the day. However, after texting dP the toilet paper story he jokingly came back with a “No toilet paper. No database!” comment, which was eventually shortened to “No TP. No DB!”

All joking aside, one of the coolest finds was bamboo growing on the side of the street. The other photos are of views around the townhouse.

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  1. I’m not surprised about the temperature. Judy says it’s only 59 F. where they live in Florida. Looks like your images were taken at dusk.

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