Qualicum Beach

Did you see it? Did you see it! There it goes. Look look look!

It was an otter… a baby otter to be exact. It was running along the underside of the boardwalk, periodically stopping to stare at us. In the distance, we could see an adult bobbing up and down in the ocean. Otters come to the area because of the abundance of salmon. As you can tell, it was very exciting for La Niña.

Otters aren’t the only creatures that come for the food, sea lions have been known to lounge on the beach after a day of feasting on fish. But alas, there were no sea lions for our visit. That’s ok because we got our fill in California days earlier.

Can we go look for it? Can I go under the boardwalk to see the otter?

No. Exciting as that sounds, this is its home. We don’t want to go barging into its home. I bet we’ll see more otters on the beach.

Sure enough, moments later an otter ran past us.

This is Qualicum Beach, a much-desired location for retirees, golf lovers, and artists. It has a cute little seaside town feel and a definite relaxed vibe.

As we walked back to the car La Niña asked, Do you think the dogs would chase the otters?

Absolutely. Especially Kima. Stryder would roll in seaweed and dead fish all day long and have a big goofy grin on his face. He’d be in heaven.

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