Commuting with Cold Wet Feet

This weekly commute involved fog, a rough *I’m-either-going-to-die-or-puke* flight over the Rockies, and accidentally walking through a 1950s style movie shoot on Granville and being yelled at.

In other news…

After spending 3-days with cold and wet feet in Vancouver last week, I decided to pick up some rubber boots. But, unlike most of the locals, the knee-high stylish rubber boots that Vancouver women like to wear (men seem to like wet vans) don’t look like they’ll handle cold and ice very well.

After some research, the ultimate question became: will I even be able to find a pair of boots that can handle rain and deep puddles… but can hold up in -40C with snow and ice… and not look like a hunter or fisherman?

The solution: Bogs. They were tough to find but worth it. My feet are warm and dry even though I’ve been wading through deep puddles, snow, ice and muck. As an added bonus, they’re as comfortable as crocks.

However, upon arrival in Vancouver this week I discovered a sunny city in the double digits for temperature. Figures.

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