Tips to surviving Legoland Waterpark

A gigantic Lego tower that drops water on your head… random water guns that shoot you when you’re not paying attention… rafts that you build out of Lego and use to float down a giant river… a waterslide so big you need a raft to go down it… plus a super hot day in California equals the Best. Day. Ever.

The Waterpark is a relatively new-ish addition to Legoland. When it opened in Summer 2010, this 5.5 acre was the first Lego-themed waterpark in the world. Florida opened its own rendition in spring 2012.

Overall, there is no way you can visit both Legoland and the Waterpark in 1-day. We met lots of people who thought they could do both in one day but ended up feeling rushed and disappointed.

It’s nothing special, but we made a video of the day.

Tips to surviving the Legoland Waterpark

➤ Head down to the park early in the morning and get a family locker. These disappear rather quickly and once you have a locker, it’s yours for the day to use as you wish. You can leave and re-enter the park as much as you want as long as you have a stamp.

➤ If you’re with a large family, consider renting a cabana. It will save loads of waiting-in-line-for-a-changeroom time and give you a shaded place for naps when the sun gets too hot (think babies and toddlers). The cabanas are the only shade in the park.

➤ Bring food and plan to be in the park before lunch (or avoid it completely between 1-3PM). Line-ups at this time are huge once the waterpark hits capacity.

➤ Leave your sunglasses and shoes in your locker. For all the slides you will need to take these off. Doing this ahead of time will save a trip back (after standing in line for a long time).

➤ People in California talk a lot about rash guards. This is a spandex or nylon shirt that you wear to protect you against abrasions and skin damage during watersports. We should have worn something to protect our skin. The rafts on the Build-a-Raft River were rather unforgiving.

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