Legoland California Resort

We were both really really excited about visiting Legoland. For our last San Diego journeys, we deliberately bypassed Legoland because La Niña was too little to fully enjoy a 130-acre theme park made entirely out of Lego. This excitement was further enhanced every time we talked to locals who proudly exclaimed, “best park in California,” “my happiest memories are from Legoland,” and “I’m so envious.”

For this San Diego trip, we had 6-days to plan and each one of us took three days to choose the activities we’d do on each of those days. La Niña quickly chose Legoland as one planned day. And, within spending 5-minutes in the park she chose it as her second-day destination. Upgrading to a second-day hopper was pretty easy and *somehow* ended up being cheaper than buying it outright. This might have just been the luck of the day.

Legoland is vast. One day is not nearly enough time to fully experience it all; two was pushing it. That said, the park is not nearly as busy as Disneyland or Universal City and its easy to experience many of the rides in one day. Plan for both wet and dry rides.

The park is split into three areas: the Legoland Resort, the Legoland Water Park, and Sea Life Aquarium, and each require it’s own entry pass. When we arrived they were starting the construction on the Legoland Hotel, which opens in Summer 2012.

From what we could find, each region in the main park matches a Lego building themed set: Star Wars, Technic, Dinosaurs, Pirates, Pharaoh’s Quest, and Lego Castle. The Friends characters drive around in a little car and periodically stop to sing and dance.

For us, the two biggest hits were the Lego Castle and the Volvo Driving School.

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