Toupie et Binou Live

Rather than see all those concerts / events I would like to see at Stampede (like Jully Black), this week I found myself attending shows suitable for a three year old: Toopy and Binoo, the Super Dogs, and Dora the Explorer. I must say, however, I was rather impressed by Toopy and Binoo and more than willing to take in a couple of rounds of imagination.

Those of you familiar with Treehouse are very familiar with Toopie, Binoo and their fantasy world. However, while in Montreal earlier this year I discovered that Toupie et Binou started out as a series of French Canadian books written by Dominique Jolin, a Quebec author and Radio-Canada co-host.

The stories revolve around a mouse named Toopy and his best friend, a plush toy cat named Binoo (who also happens to have his own little plush animal named Patchy-Patch). In each story they use their imaginations to create creatures, adventure to other worlds, build castles, interact with talking socks, the big blue, giant footprints, rainbows, jumping noses, and anything else they can come up with. During the Stampede show they journeyed to a jungle in search of Patchy-Patch who disappeared during a magic show gone awry.

If any other parents are planning to head down to the Stampede grounds this weekend I’d also recommend a stop at Buckaroos (in the Big Four Building) and the ethnic food market around it.

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