Diamond Valley Craft Market

Location: Flare N’ Derrick Community Centre, Main Street, Turner Valley
Dates: December 1, 2012 10-5p.m.
Cost: A donation

Apparently, Christmas craft markets are making a comeback. In an article I read recently, the author stated that community markets were “new” and “hip” and “on an upward trend.” And, in the past week, I’ve seen many stories about the Christmas markets in Germany and how the rest of the world is modelling themselves after this country.

I personally don’t think Christmas markets are new… just ask anyone who grew up in a small town or who had the pleasure of wearing a Lopi sweater in their youth (please don’t make a comeback). I just think they’ve been hidden for a while.

The Diamond Valley Christmas Market is one such hidden market that mixes both old and new every year. On one hand, you have Christmas crafts, tea cozies, toaster covers, and homemade jam. On the other, you have eclectic jewelry, iPod cases, gluten-free pie crusts, and unique ornaments.

Here you’ll find friendly, smiling people who are more than willing to chat about their creations. Not all are from the Valley… many come from Calgary and also peddle their wares at the Calgary Farmers Market. In Turner Valley, the event happens every Christmas in the Flare N’ Derrick Community Centre on Main Street.

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