Salt Tasting Room — a Lovely Christmas Destination

Location: 45 Blood Alley Square, Vancouver

Dates: All season

Hours: 12:00pm–12:00am

Cost: Varies.

Christmas isn’t really Christmas without a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvre… or in this case wine, cheese and meats. The tasting destination of choice was Salt Tasting Room in Blood Alley.

I know… I know… Blood Alley is more of a Halloween destination than a Christmas destination. But the opportunity to try the tasting tapas that this highly rated restaurant has to offer made us overlook the spooky element; and, honestly, it’s not that spooky if you discount the mysterious smell in the basement.

In celebration of the Christmas season, we sampled a heavier “winter” Cabernet Sauvignon and an Argentine Malbec. And, paired with artisanal cheese, condiments, and cured meats that were reminiscent of the season: cranberries, spiced cheese, rich flavours, and absolutely nothing from the turkey or chicken family because that’d be just plain wrong.

In all, a lovely destination for an evening out over the holiday season.

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