Science World (TELUS World of Science)

Way way back in 1986 was the first time I walked into Vancouver’s Science Centre, except then it was the Expo Centre and face of Expo ’86. The globe appeared in all advertising and promotional material for the Expo; I still have a Kodak Disc Camera that has the globe logo etched into the side.

The gigantic globe/golf ball is rather interesting. It’s a geodesic dome, used in both the Vancouver Expo and the Montreal Expo in ’67. This ought to make my parents nostalgic because they attended both. It also changes its face for various seasonal events: for Halloween, it was decked out as a giant pumpkin… for Christmas a giant decoration… all done with lights.

Inside are gads and gads of displays, activities, whirly things, build-it things, computer things, throw-it things, shoot-it-into-the-sky things, mush-it-into-a-pulp things. It’s easy to see why it’s a regular destination for most summer day camps (Niña came here weekly as part of her summer day camps).

For our visit, it wasn’t a part of the daily plan to visit. However, during our Tony Hawk adventures we bicycled by, I was feeling nostalgic, Niña kept talking about how wonderful it was inside, and we needed a break… so we decided to pop in for an hour.

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