I love it when they give me a horse (Mustang)

My SF commute involves a cab, a flight, and a drive. It’s been a while since I’ve written about the drive portion of a commute.

For this round, the flight was typical except for a gigantic game of musical seats that some very large sports team played as they boarded the plane. It delayed us by 20-minutes… on a flight that was already an hour late. But, I wasn’t sitting next to yet another geek talking about Bitcoin, so all was golden.

Back to the driving part: the magical moment in the day came when I got to the Avis Preferred lane… even later than usual.

Me: The Preferred sign says “see agent” next to my name.

Nice Avis Lady: There seems to be a problem with your credit card.

Me: Yes. It was stolen last week but I have a new one.

Nice Avis Lady: Bingo! Type. Type. Type.

Me: It’s extremely busy. I’ve never seen it this busy.

Nice Avis Lady: Mondays are always like this… and we’re running out of cars. It looks like they gave your car away.

My Inner Voice: I love it when Avis says that… please give me a horse.

Nice Avis Lady: Looks like they gave you a SUV.

My Inner Voice: Damn. Blind spots and a bitch to park.

Nice Avis Lady: But it’s parked in the middle of nowhere and I’m not going to make you walk that far.

My Inner Voice: Wait for it… wait for it…

Nice Avis Lady: How would you like a Mustang?

Me: Sure. I’ll take it.

My Inner Voice: Sweet!

As I walked out to the vehicle, a chorus of Hallelujah played in my head, which got louder when I saw that the car they gave me was sparkly, brand new (new car smell is the best), and black! In fact, it was the only black Mustang in the row of lime green and highlighter blue versions.

This is definitely a step up from the regular food/coffee-stained, funny noise, smells-like-sweat car that I normally get. And, it purrs like a kitten and plays Jazz and Alternative like a pro. To celebrate, I took it across the Golden Gate Bridge.

For Kordyback: Sorry, no flowery knee-high Doc Martins this time around. This week it’s red Vans and a plaid scarf.

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