Cafe TIBCO — Better Than Disneyland!?

I’d heard and read so many great things about Cafe TIBCO on their YELP page and from other geeks I work with. “It’s better than Disneyland,” “the Ice Cream Bar is amazing,” and “people from other companies come to the cafe to eat.”

The last one is definitely true, there was probably a 50/50 split between employees and people from the hospital next door or XYZ Media down the street.

I wouldn’t, however, say the cafe was better than Disneyland. It’s a smaller version of the VMWare Cafeteria with typical Silicon Valley fare: Indian food, Mexican food, sandwich bar, salad bar, etc. There was no ice cream bar that I could find or even coffee.

The one thing that really stood out was the sheer amount of available vegan options: and not just one or two things, but entire swaths of food were vegan (e.g. the Indian bar).

That said, this is an example of marketing hype. They preach constantly about having these vegan options, being locally sourced, about having organic food, but not one staff person I talked to knew what gluten-free meant. It seemed kind of odd to me like it’s the one marketing buzz word they haven’t yet indoctrinated into employee’s brains.

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