Santa Cruz Breakwater Lighthouse

A mile or two from the first of the Natural Bridges is the Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse and Santa Cruz Surfing Museum. It’s here that you’ll find surfers leaping off the cliffs and vying for prime spots on each wave (though in reality, I think they can simply slide into the water).

The water is rough and some cliffs are steep… so steep that large iron gates keep people away from the edge lest they plunge over the edge during a photographic moment.

That doesn’t stop anyone, however. How else do the surfers get into the water? Runners, dogs, and photographers also weave their way along well-worn paths that are etched into the cliff edge.

From the distance, you hear sea lions bellow and moan from atop one of the rocks. I couldn’t help but wonder how they got there… they’re not exactly the most nimble of beasts. With them are cormorants who like to also hang off the side of the cliffs.

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