Inspiring. Wonderful. Amazing. 13-years old! These were the first words that popped into my head when I walked into the room. In reality, the experience brought me to tears.

I’m standing in the middle of the Google Science Fair amongst, quite possibly, the smartest kids in the world. All are brought to Google to showcase their inventions, research, and ideas.

They are kids with great ideas: Alex (13) developed a system for underwater propulsion, Ann (15) a battery free flashlight, Elif (16) made bio-plastics from a banana peel, Elizabeth (17) found a way to diagnose melonoma earlier, Kavita (13) created a new kind of magnet, and my personal favourite: Vinay (17) created and algorithm for safer encryption.

I couldn’t possibly name them all… but the list of finalists are here [link removed]. The awards gala is tonight and will be streamed live.

Reading about their ideas and research is inspiring; and, gives me hope for the future. And the best part: a large number of the finalists are girls!