Vegas… you dirty old sock

I don’t like Vegas and I’m quite sure that Vegas hates me… I can’t seem to get over the dirty old sock feel that the city has. Some say it’s simply gritty… but I’ve seen gritty around the world and Vegas is not it.

Vegas is a well used old sock that has seen too much cat fur and cigarette smoke. And, the locals are cranky.

The image that most people have of Vegas is gambling and debauchery… but I’d argue that both play a secondary role for the real reason people come to the city: to see the shows. That’s why we were in town… that’s why everyone else we talked to was in Vegas.

Cirque du Soleil owns the strip and their shows are well worth the cash. We managed to catch on Friday. The Titanic Exhibit was Saturday and an instant hit with the child. I’d also highly recommend Penn and Teller.

(Tip: Buy tickets in advance because shows are often sold out. If you subscribe to the Cirque mailing list they periodically send out discount codes and promotions. If you’re lucky enough to find a show that still has seats while in Vegas, you can get coupons/discount books from cabs.)

One cabbie we talked to agreed with me about the shows and went so far as to say that gambling in Vegas has not been the same since it became legal in other countries and states. He said most cab drivers get free tickets to see shows because people often ask which shows are the best… and promoters want them to have an educated opinion.

Either way, we were in Vegas for this event.

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