Gregory’s Coffee, Midtown

At Gregory’s, we believe that respect for our coffee and respect for our customers go hand in hand. So we take freshly roasted beans grown by skilled, dedicated farmers all over the world and prepare them for you in a way that will fit your needs without sacrificing the quality of the coffee.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters wasn’t the only coffee shop I visited while in NYC. Gregory’s came recommended by locals and was within easy walking distance of the hotel.

I’ll give Gregory’s this: they’ve done a really good job of marketing and using social media to create a Gregular community. Social media sites/apps like Foursquare are only as good as the recognition they get from the receiving company and Foursquare mayors are called out front and centre on the Gregory’s website.

However, I had mixed experiences at Gregory’s. My first coffee and visit was amazing (they even have a Gluten Free bar) and led to a second visit. But, my second sojourn was spotty on the customer service side; for some reason, they “no longer carry a Gluten-Free bar” and my latte was little more than average.

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