From Snow Banks to Lemons — Life on the Road

Not much has happened in the way of travel over the last few weeks; the holidays included lots of coughing up lung crap, a scary fever, and not being able to move for days. This combined with an unusual amount of snow left us trapped in the house for a very long time and a subsequent case of cabin fever.

But, I will admit that the frost that the cold left on the windows was worth photographing.

I left the snow behind earlier in the week and am happy to say I’ve shed my winter boots, jacket, and balaclava on the way out the door. None of these are needed in California.

Below is a typical evening Canadian winter scene.

I know that most of North America is suffering from snow and wind and bitter temperatures but I can’t help but marvel at the fact that there are places in the US where fruit still grows in the winter.

Below is the miracle that is the lemon. They grow everywhere in California; I remember one of my coworkers once told me that she couldn’t own a house that didn’t have lemons growing by the front door. I’m happy when any sort of plant actually manages to survive by the front door.

Lemons come from Asia originally and were introduced to the Americas by Christopher Columbus. The Spanish then carried the seeds throughout the new world and planted where they needed medicine.

Lemon is a pretty potent cleanser. While deathly ill with dysentery and unable to move in India, locals fed me pure lemon juice and salt. I’m convinced this saved me from being hospitalized.

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  1. Have you ever heard the term “Limey”? In the early days of sailing, British mariners discovered that if they brought boxes of lemons and limes with them on their long periods at sea, they could avoid scurvy but maintaining their levels of vitamin C.

  2. One thing is missing from the photo of the typical evening Canadian winter scene. Kids playing road hockey and yelling “CAR!”

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