Coffee in Comox!

To get away from some of the intensity of our latest trip to B.C., La Niña and I went to our favourite little organic coffee shop on the main strip in Comox. There we could absorb the very B.C.-ish earthy atmosphere and find our balance again.

La Niña’s personality is really beginning to show these days — as she grows into a very lovely person. Here she is telling us a story about dragons and doggies and funny monsters.

Watching and listening to her talk is a direct reflection of dP and I. Every little story or sentence she uses phrases and wordings that come directly from our mouths. While at Church with Papa on Sunday La Niña sat on our little pew and made up stories with some Popsicle sticks that she found in front of us.

As the church was silent and all the little old ladies and men watched her tell stories with phrases like: “No. You never give doggies human food, only dog food because it upsets their bellies,” I kept repeating in my head: “Don’t use the driving phrases. Please don’t use mommy’s driving voice in your stories.”

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