I’ve been here a long time

I’ve been travelling back and forth to Silicon Valley for over a year. This is the longest I have worked in one place that is not the place where I live. As such, I’ve started to joke that I’m running out of things to do, see, and write about in the Valley.

There are still places to discover. I’m in the midst of exploring San Jose and have yet to cross the Bay into Berkeley, Oakland, and places like El Cerrito and Alameda. However, the thought of trapping myself in a vehicle and trying to drive to East Bay during evening rush hour makes me want to poke my eyes out with a fork; the people who do that every day are heroes and should get a medal.

Plus, the Bay Area, in general, seems to have a problem with keeping interesting places open on weekdays after 5pm. Perhaps when the evenings get longer and the parks are open after 6pm, I’ll attempt to venture over to East Bay for a hike or run. I also need to find myself some evening Steampunk and Burlesque activities.

I know… I’m whining about first world problems.

All this said, every once in awhile I’ll venture into SF for an event and during that time will take photos that never make it into posts. I’ve included these in the gallery. They come from a variety of moments from the past year and are all from touristy areas.

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