Boston Children’s Museum

In order to make travel equally fun for everyone involved on our journeys (read: child is not really keen on historical sites and I’m not a huge fan of kid places and water parks), we design our schedule with alternating days so each of us has a chance to plan what we want to do.

For me on this trip, this meant a day trip to the Boston Children’s Museum, with ice cream and pizza… quickly followed by a trip to the circus… all planned by La Niña.

The museum has a history. This is the second oldest children’s museum in the world (Brooklyn Children’s Museum is the first and Detroit has the third). Founded in 1913, BCM had their 100th-anniversary last year and celebrated by bringing in things from around the world that were 100 years old, used the number 100 to inspire their art projects, and came up with a list of 100 ways to play to inspire parents.

Centennial aside, there are a lot of fantastic exhibits to explore. Our favourites were digital dodgeball, the massive and all-encompassing New Balance Climb (photo #18), Bubbles (#19/#20; Michi would be proud), Making America’s Music, and Arthur® and Friends (#5-#12).

Arthur® and Friends is easily one of our favourite TV shows. What I didn’t know is that the program is written and produced in Boston. The exhibit is life-size and gives you the opportunity to explore elements of the Reed house, Mr. Ratburn’s Classroom, and Buster’s travel adventures.

In all, the day at the Boston Museum gets two thumbs up from both of us.

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