Bixby Bridge

Ahh yes… Bixby Bridge: Built in 1932 during the depression, its location along the coastline was chosen because it was cheaper to build a large concrete bridge over natural geography than to go inland and blast/construct one through the mountainside. Because of this, the unique architecture combined with beautiful surroundings makes this one of the most photographed bridges in America.

This also happens to be one of the most congested driving areas along Big Sur. Be prepared to stop and wait for people vying for a parking spot (if you are passing through) or be one of those people looking for a place to park.

And once parked, work your way through the crowds of people all trying to figure out the best spot to photograph a selfie. While walking around, I’m pretty sure that I heard “the better shot is over there” in every language and foreign accent on the earth.

The views aren’t always spectacular… we only managed to take a few foggy white photos while passing through. However, the entertainment was great. It included rabbits, guitars, and an interesting character wearing a rabbit on his head while playing/singing John Lennon tunes. He had lots of stories about fog, guitar strings, pregnant rabbits, and one about a lady who makes great sandwiches.

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