The Sea Stacks

Rather than race from recommended place to recommended place along Big Sur, we periodically stopped and simply walked around. During one of these stops, we discovered what quickly became known to us as “the Sea Stacks.”

Sea stacks are large vertical columns created by years of erosion by water and wind, much like Alberta’s hoodoos but found in the water. I’m not sure that the area that we explored is actually made up of sea stacks, but La Niña gave them the name and it stuck.

For her, this area was loaded with opportunities to imagine and play. As we did a little hike down to the rocks I discovered fisherman, lizards, and some pretty amazing views… she discovered a bedroom, kitchen, dining room and living area seemingly cut out amongst the rocks. It was the perfect size for a little person pretending to live by the ocean.

As an added bonus, as the fog lifted, we were able to see the Bixby Bridge from between the rocks… in peace without all the cars and people and cameras.

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