Happy 4th of July Weekend

In the US people go a little mad for Independence Day celebrations. It’s an opportunity to let loose, kick off the summer, and hang out with friends/family. Also, this is one of the few holidays in the US that many people get off (the big two are 4th of July and Thanksgiving)… so they make it matter.

We are in Long Beach for the weekend celebrations. People here seem to go extra crazy, but not the main strip of beach for which the city is named, but rather the calm lagoon around Naples. Dolphins and other creatures like to make an appearance in the lagoon, but not today because there were too many people, boats, noise, mayhem, and general craziness for anything with some semblance of self-preservation to appear.

For us stupid humans, the roads are blocked off, the beach packed (by 10am) by people staking out their spot on the beach, the police out in force, the beer flowing, and everyone is dressed in their finest red, white, and blue apparel. We joked that once a year people get to dust off their patriotic bikinis… hoping that they still fit.

The party isn’t just one day, it is a full weekend event with fireworks every evening.

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