Ventura Beach

We spent a lot of time walking along this beach… morning, noon, and night. It’s a beautiful beach, especially at night where the smell of campfires and ocean really do a good job of helping you relax. Once you get out of Ventura’s core, the beach is relatively quiet and empty; we talked a lot about what it would be like to own a house on the beach.

The water is warm, even when it rains. We know this because we got stuck in a thunderstorm; one of the few that California sees. And, when it rained it wasn’t the misty/drizzling moisture that Californians call “rain” but it was the drenching, hard-hitting, hail like moisture that I would call rain. And, when this happened we were on an open sandy space and had no place to go; so, we accepted that we would get drenched and enjoyed the warmth.

When lightening happens, the beaches are cleared. It’s not unheard of for surfers to get caught in the water when lightning strikes and get knocked out by the electrical current. It happened last year.

I took a 13 second video of the lightening (it happens quickly so pay attention).

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