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Gaspereau Valley Fibres

I want to take up knitting now that I have been to the Gaspereau Valley Fibres farm and shop. I’m not a knitter but I found the shop absolutely divine and I am now crazy for wool. I’m sure for someone who knits the experience would have been purely orgasmic!

The shop is located on a Cotswold sheep farm just outside of Wolfville. Wolfville is the place where Acadia University is located and is also in the heart of Acadien territory. Visiting a sheep farm to buy wool certainly adds a whole new twist to knitting, especially when you see some of the sheep that the wool came from; it’s like putting a face to your sweater.

The farm doesn’t only sell their own wool, they sell stuff from all over the world – I practically tripped over myself when I saw yak wool from Nepal.

Anyhow, this shop is divine and La Niña had a great time chasing the house doggie around and squealing every time he licked her hand. It’s a good thing I am ignorant about wool because I only bought a few items (all this wool is for Heather — she coached me on what to look for). A shop like this would be dangerous for a knitter who likes different fibres (if there is a fibre you are unfamiliar with they give you needles and let you knit with it to see if it is something you want to buy!).

Anyhow, Heather, this is what I picked out:

  • Three 100% wool skeins (175m) of hand dyed country wool. This wool is from Nova Scotia. It is bulky weight and perfect for a baby sweater. It is variegated though mostly purple, burgundy and brown.
  • One 100% wool skein (900m) of hand dyed lace weight yarn from Blueface Leicester sheep. This is also Nova Scotian.
  • The last skein comes from the Gaspereau Cotswold flock. The wool is from the farm and is hand dyed and spun right in the shop. There wasn’t a lot of this which kind of surprised me. It must sell quickly.

Expect this delightful little treat in the mail!

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