The Coast to Coast Tour — Atlantic Ocean

In June La Niña dipped her feet in the Pacific Ocean at the Airforce Beach in Comox, British Columbia and on Saturday she sampled the Atlantic Ocean — at Beach Meadows Beach on the South Shore in Nova Scotia.

The water here isn’t quite as warm as the Pacific, but it is shallow and you can walk for a long time before the water gets over your knees. Every once in a while we discovered a pocket of warm water — usually around sand bars — and played. With all the aunties, uncles, grandmas and grandpas around La Niña had a blast playing in the waves, playing in the sand and exploring all the interesting creatures and vegetation that lives in the shallows of the Atlantic.

Beach Meadows Beach is not well known so it isn’t overrun by tourists. It is, however, just as gorgeous and good to swim in as the other white beaches in Nova Scotia. Walking on this beach at night in the moonlight is supposed to be absolutely spectacular.

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