It’s So Cute and Smart

This photo is dedicated to Lana, a fellow maritimer in Ottawa. She has just returned from a trip to Europe. While there she took some gorgeous photos.

This photo of a smart car was taken in Camden Town, London, UK.

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  1. I took *so* many smart car photos on this trip. I heart that car. If only I needed a car… sigh.

  2. My hubby and I have decided it’s about time to buy a car. Perhaps we’ll get this one! hahah! :] It’s cute, but I fear that Brooklyn would eat something so small.

  3. We are starting to see a lot of smart cars around here. We went to Halifax today and saw a lot of them. They are becoming popular along with windmills and solar panels thanks to the Keyota ( I forgot how to spell that) Accord and the rising price of fossil fuels.

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