Nova Scotia

Baby and I made it to Nova Scotia safe and sound. My ankles swelled – especially in the leg from Toronto to Halifax but I was expecting that. Still, it didn’t make the two hour drive to the Valley any better.

The plan was to drive to Kentville and stop at the Big Stop for a fish dinner to give my ankles a rest. However, when we got to the Kentville / New Minus region we noticed that there was a huge line up of cars coming out of town; and, the Big Stop was empty. Now the Big Stop is the place that most travelers stop for snacks, gas, food or a bathroom break. So, to find it empty is rare. According the friendly restaurant worker, the power was out for both Kentville and New Minus. Why? No one knew. We figured it was a raccoon or a squirrel chewing on something it shouldn’t be chewing on.

So – we got into the car and drove to Berwick to try out a little restaurant called the Union Street Restaurant that my parents have heard good things about.

I have to say that I ate some of the best fish I have ever had in my life in this restaurant – and some pretty good vegetables (not as good as my dad’s). I’m sure the baby was swimming in pleasure and enjoying the taste of the food for quite some time after the meal. Everything was organic – and pretty expensive by Nova Scotian standards. Still the meal was worth it.

After we headed into the valley on the back roads and I spent the evening with my feet up trying to figure out how to connect to the internet on dial-up using a little grey cord. Obviously I was successful.

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