40-Minutes in Toronto

I was in the big city of Toronto for 40-minutes today. For those of you who know the history of the city, it was on par with New York in size until it was sacked by the Americans. Its original name was York and after the city was destroyed it was renamed using the indigenous word Toronto.

It’s not hard to figure out you are in Toronto because the first thing you see coming in is the CN Tower. It stands out like Uma Thurman’s thumbs in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. It’s higher than all the other buildings and holds the prestigious title of being the third-highest tower in the world after the Sears Tower in Chicago and the Twin Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. And, I’m proud to say that I have seen all three towers in person.

Rather than getting off the plane, I opted to walk up and down the aisles amongst the green and yellow-clad Jetsgo staff who looked like a pack of organized Keebler elves as they cleaned the plane. I wanted to keep the circulation going in my legs so my pregnant ankles didn’t swell too badly.

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