Food trucks! All hail the food trucks!

I’m extremely thrilled to be back in a city where food trucks are a thing. And not just a “thing” but a tasty, healthy, allergy-friendly, affordable thing. It’s been a long time and I have been deprived.


The truck of the day is the Bon Me Truck. It showed up on the Street Food Boston App as being close… as close as Dewey Square Park (10 mins away), where most of the food trucks park at noon.

The competition for business was the Tenoch Mexican Truck. Bon Me had the shortest line, probably because they are extremely efficient and capable of handling three customers at a time… instead of one at a time. I just couldn’t fathom baking in the sweltering heat for 20-minutes for Mexican food.



The funny story behind the truck is that the two founders (Patrick Lynch and Ali Fong) entered the 2010 Boston Food Truck Contest without much thought… and were completely surprised when they actually won.

It’s six years later and they now have a restaurant on Congress and 6-trucks that roam the city.





I didn’t know this until much later, but according to Roaming Hunger, Bon Me is the highest rated truck in the city.

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