Blogging for a week with a Rebel XT

This camera is old for me. It was one of the first digital SLR cameras that I purchased after making the switch from film to digital.

The funny (peculiar) thing is while the camera body is a Rebel XT, most of the lenses are from my Canon Rebel film camera. The lenses are interchangeable, but they don’t always work as expected because the technology at that time was not compatible between film cameras and digital cameras. Digital photography was still new.

So, the focus is periodically off, the colour balance is not as crisp as I’d like it, there’s often a “Star Trek Halo” in photos. This is the blurring you see around the women’s faces in the show in close-ups; I think they did this to hide blemishes. When I want to intentionally do this, I use a mesh or nylon and simply put it in front of the lens. This camera does it naturally.

Here’s the difference between the underwater camera and the Rebel:



It gets closer to the colour of the flowers than the Pentax does.

I’m using the Rebel as an onesie… one camera focal length: 50mm. So, instead of zooming in on your subject and focusing, you have to get close to frame the picture well. That means moving around and getting into people’s faces.

Back at the Airport

And, the weekly dose of the National Film Board from the airport is Special Delivery. This one is odd but it’s a film award winner: in 1978 it won an Academy Award in the Animated Short Film category.


Synchro Day

I spent most of Monday at the swimming pool getting vitamin D. The girls had summer team Junior finals. La Niña competed in both solo and team and she wore my Canada Games solo headpiece. It went well with her suit and I’m happy to see it get some use after 30-years.


(This photo was not taken by the Canon)

Summer teams are meant to be fun and to expose people to synchronized swimming. As such, we have a boys team. They train just as hard and are just as committed as the girls but have a more difficult time getting people to take them seriously.

Boys do compete in the sport (it’s not limited to girls); and, love it just as much. When people tried to pull one of the boys off the team at the last moment because of a sporting conflict, the team got upset because it meant they’d be disqualified for losing a team member.


There was a lot of back and forth and negotiating but in the end, it all worked out, the boys swam, and both teams performed well. I’m proud of them both!

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