Vending machines, credit cards, and fish

The “fast to cure jetlag” seems to be working… I am sleeping at my regular times, waking up at regular times, and hungry whenever I’m usually hungry. Perhaps fasting truly is the cure for jetlag.

As such, the morning started with watching the sunrise over Mount Vesuvius.



There’s not a lot in the way of excitement in an IT workday; every boring grey office in an unknown, unattractive, warehouse district looks the same regardless of what country you’re in. Food to the office is either delivered or comes from a vending machine.


One of the hazards of frequent travel hit just before heading out for the evening. While in Italy, I was apparently also in Las Vegas buying car parts and eating at the House of Pancakes. It happened fast and CC security works equally fast.

My card number gets stolen about once every 6-months. I don’t know how the bank can differentiate between my random and bizarre travel spends and someone else’s equally bizarre purchases but it’s amazingly accurate. I have had bank developers explain the algorithm to me; it’s been honed after years of credit card fraud.

The rest of the evening was like a Visa commercial: me dining and laughing with co-workers without worry while Visa worked to issue me an emergency card to my hotel.



Finally, photo(s) of pesche…




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