Snorkelling the Corales Islas del Rosario

The name of the Rosario Islands is literally, Corales Islas del Rosario. It’s a chain of islands linked together by the most important and pristine cay reefs in Colombia. These reefs house many fish, creatures, coral, and seagrass.

Arranging a boat from Islabele is easy. You literally walk to the dock and say you want to go to the reefs; the cost is 40,000 pesos ($16) and they provide the mask and snorkel. The reef is fairly close and a guide will take you to a place away from the crowds of snorkelers that come in from the mainland.

There are no places where you can safely touch the bottom; so, to be able to enjoy the experience you do need to be comfortable in the water, be able to swim a fair distance, tread water for long periods of time, and be nimble enough to climb in and jump out of a small boat.

I read so many reviews from people complaining about the experience because they struggled with the fitness component; snorkling at this reef requires a certain level of fitness and for you to be comfortable for long periods in water.

An hour is the perfect amount of time to spend swimming around the reef.

Underwater, we discovered an alien landscape full of brain coral, mustard coral, and elkhorn coral.

I’m not sure if this reef is healthy. We heard stories of a rainbow under the water; we definitely saw no rainbow. I remember the reef being vibrant during our exploring but my photos show a lot of bleaching and less colour.

We followed schools of blue tang, angelfish, and others that we couldn’t identify (aquarium fish). This was the most amazing part of the experience; some fish will follow you around. We had one little fish follow us for the duration of the swim.

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