Comox, British Columbia

The draw to Comox for a large number of Calgarians is the golf / ski package that West Jet offers; and, why not? Where else in Canada can you golf in the mornings, ski in the afternoon, and relax on the beach in the evening? The ski chateaus at Mount Washington are beautiful and in the down season are unbelievably picturesque places to stay.

Comox as a town is a cute little place. Surrounded by a beautiful valley, a large glacier, and miles of beautiful beaches, the land was originally settled by the Salish people. The name Comox is derived from the Kwakwala Indian word Komuckway, meaning Place of Plenty, a reference to the abundant game and berries in the Comox Valley. European settlers adapted the name Komoux and eventually changed the spelling to Comox.

The Port of Comox was founded in the mid 1800s on the slopes of the Comox Peninsula. Overlooking the protected waters of Comox Harbour, it was an important port for the ships of the Royal Navy and transport steamers. At the Spit, navy cadets still spend their summers sailing and doing drills, and the marina is used frequently by people passing through and also by those who live on their boats year round. In the summer you can catch the cruise ships passing through on their way to and from Alaska.

The town is tiny with cobblestone walkways, a picturesque wharf, and very friendly people; everyone says hello regardless of who you are, and if you are moving along at a leisurely pace, people will stop and talk.

My grandfather walks everyday, and not the average from here to there kind of walk. I have to ask him to slow down because I can barely keep up with his super fit 80+ year old body (so much for weekly aerobics classes). Most days I will endeavor to keep up because I enjoy the “quiet time” with my grandfather who likes to tell stories about Comox and his life in England.

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  1. We’re back in Calgary now — and due to head to Nova Scotia in July. Next time I head that way (it should be within the next year) I will send you an email, Dese and we could go for coffee / tea / beverage.

  2. i check out ur site daily, i feel like i know u – i truly enjoy it.

    i live in comox and am so excited u came here, i wish we could meet, where are u right now?

    yes, comox is very beautiful and peaceful 🙂


  3. thanks for replying 🙂 sure, that sounds great! bonus for me will be that i would get to see makenna! i feel like i know her so well after reading all about her on the site 🙂

    looking forward to meeting u 🙂

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