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Flooding in Nova Scotia

The above photo comes from my dad. Nova Scotia is having problems with record rain fall and melting snow, which has caused flooding in many parts of Nova Scotia. Roads and bridges have washed out, basements are flooded, schools closed and many people have been evacuated from their homes. In many homes, the electricity and heat are off and the well water contaminated making life miserable for those who have chosen to stay in their homes. Luckily, my parents live in a high enough area and recently had a system built under the house that channels water to the river, so they are alright.

These photos are from areas around where my parents live. My dad writes: “We then went to Middleton. These pictures were taken on Bridge Street where the bridge crosses the Annapolis River to Nictaux. Some houses are completely surrounded by water and bridges are completely submerged.”

Unfortunately, the flooding has not been without death. Two people in a car got caught in the overflowing waters of the La Have River. They were swept into the torrent and drowned in their vehicles.

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