Artist Homes: Bankview

On March 29, 2003 I went on a tour of artist homes and studios in Calgary. Sponsored by the Triangle Gallery, it gave me the opportunity to see inside many abodes that I have often admired from the sidewalk. This home is the seventh home of eight in this series.

This artist is one of the few ‘non-born-and-bred-Calgarian’ artists on the tour. She lives and works in her cozy bungalow in Bankview. The house is really unassuming from the front but once you enter the home you enter into an interesting world.

The studio is located behind the house and is also used as a sale/exhibition space. Here you could see displays of her work and also items she has accumulated over years of travel. This is one well-travelled woman!

I spent very little time in the actual home and more time in the backyard studio looking at the Archaeological collections she has and all the curios she has in her garden and around the house. In my wanderings, I found glass flowers, a ceramic moon blowing a glass bubble and various animals and glass items hidden in inconspicuous places.

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