Artist Homes: Cliff Bungalow

On March 29, 2003, I went on a tour of artist homes and studios in Calgary. Sponsored by the Triangle Gallery, it gave me the opportunity to see inside many abodes that I have often admired from the sidewalk. This home is the eighth home of eight in this series.

These two artists share a 1911 two-story jewel in the heart of Cliff Bungalow. This house is commonly known as a stopping place for many artists in the community and I’m told that the doors are always open and people are welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee and a chat.

In my journey through the house, I encountered one artist who was having coffee with a friend in the upstairs bedroom. She was very welcoming and also interesting to talk to. When someone asked her a question about her work she stood up and explained, and sat down again as if to differentiate between her work persona and her personal life.

This house had many interesting items at every turn and glance. The first items I found were Joseph Cornell like boxes, each one with different items, some toys and some more obscure. There were walls of these boxes stacked one on top of each other in various places throughout the house. Next, there were Lego sculptures in the basement, interesting though I think they had a higher purpose. There were many paintings on the walls; I found a ray gun in a glass case in a child’s room, a photo collage on the wall, and the list is really endless. In my mind, there really was no difference between art and life here because the house was a work of art in progress.

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