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Mr. Cockroach and the Cockroach Chronicles

The place that I am staying in in Khajuraho has an excellent toilet; it’s a squat but it is clean. The shower actually has hot water! And, I don’t mean: “kind of warm and sometimes hot” water. I mean: “Oh my God I’m burning” hot water.

The only bad thing about the room is the really huge cockroach who likes to hang out in the bathroom sink. It has become the bane of my existence and really the first and only cockroach I have run into since coming to India. I could be wrong but Mr. Cockroach seems to have a personality, or maybe I’m imagining things. He seems very regal.

I discovered Mr. Cockroach quite by accident. During the first night I kept hearing a strange noise that I couldn’t place; was it a creaky window, or a branch tapping the building or perhaps a dripping faucet. In trying to investigate what was making the noise I went into the bathroom to light the one candle that I have (the power was out). But instead of grabbing the matches that are on the side of the sink, I grabbed the cockroach who was sitting next to the matches instead.

I don’t think that I screamed, but it was pretty freaky. Mr. Cockroach felt all hard and crusty and wiggly and weird. I washed my hands for hours after that.

After getting over the shock of touching Mr. Cockroach I chased him around the room for a while but couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with him once he was caught. So, I decided to let him stay in the sink… as long as he was quiet and inconspicuous.

There he stayed for a day or two until tonight when he decided to leave the sink. I got tired of listening to him tap dance across the floor every time I tried to go to sleep. So, I chased him into a hole under the sink and I duct taped the hole shut. The duct tape that I brought has been handy for that reason alone! Actually, bringing duct tape was the smartest thing I did, and I wasn’t even going to bother. It keeps my pack and shoes together.

Now that he has been duct taped Mr. Cockroach into the wall, hopefully he won’t bother me again.

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