I left Orchha with Mike and Leslie — by car. It’s almost a relief to be out of the town though I will miss it’s palace walls and untouched demeanor. It didn’t feel like I was in the 20th century while I was there. It was like I was living in a town 200-300 years earlier. Orchha was a town untainted by tourism.

Travelling by car was a nice way to travel. I enjoyed sitting in the back and talking to Leslie. The drive was 170km and the road wasn’t too bad; apparently this is a “good India road”. Leslie and Mike are retired Biology teachers. They have decided to see countries which are difficult to travel while they are still young. We discussed whether or not India will become a major economic power in the next few years. It was an interesting discussion.

Khajuraho is quite quaint. The hotel I am in is once again amazing: The Hotel Surya. My room is huge, pink, has large windows, a writing table, antique furniture, two comfortable beds, a courtyard, a garden, you can get a massage, and make long distance phone calls. My bathroom has hot water and a squat. And best of all: the room is air cooled. In the middle of the hotel is a courtyard where a beautiful garden grows. There is a chair swing and the staff do an excellent job of filling the place with flowers.

I ate in a tiny little restaurant near my hotel where “Ama” did the cooking. It was very delicious: kofta and chapatti. The son even gave me a picture of the lead guy in Auzzar: Sooraj. I guess he is a huge idol in India for both boys and girls. I wonder what the attitude of an Indian movie star would be like. Would they have an ego and be arrogant? Would they be able to walk on the streets? Do they have problems with drugs, alcohol, suicides?

The Bollywood scene is huge. Movies are constantly being filmed and pumped out to theatres around the country. Masses of people go to see these movies and youth pretend to be just like their favourite movie heroes, quoting them, acting like them and even singing the songs they sing in movies.