Lakshmana Temple and the Sheesh Mahal Palace

I’m having a rather blue day and rather than hang out and drag everyone down I decided to do a solo exploration of the Lakshmana Temple. However, once there I couldn’t motivate myself to go inside and spent a few glum moments just sitting on the steps of the temple.

While sitting there I was approached by a very wonderful woman named Leslie. She sat down and we started to chat. In the course of the conversation I found that that she was staying with her husband Mike in the master suite of the Sheesh Mahal Palace! The suite that everyone talks about and has an excellent view of the countryside from the toilet.

After talking for a little while longer, Leslie invited me up to the suite for tea and look at the amazing bathroom (only in India could you be fascinated with a bathroom).

It was much later in the day when I managed to trek up to the palace for tea. During We had a wonderful time chatting. The suite is amazing: large, wood, blue, big Indian carpets, and interesting lamp shades. There was a definite pink / blue colour scheme. However, in true Indian fashion the shower was only hot some of the time, the lights were always cutting out, they couldn’t keep the mosquitoes out and there were men constantly running in and out doing renovation.

However, none of this could detract from the glamour of the bathroom. The pièce de résistance was a large eloquent marble bath tub, beside a very clean sit toilet, and windows which open in all directions. From the tub you could look out at the palace ruins, temples and other magnificent views without having to strain your neck or get out of the water. Both Mike and Leslie were very proud of their view!

After tea and great conversation the couple invited me to go with them to Khajuraho by hired car. This was a most welcome invitation and I jumped on it without further thought. I’m still quite sick and wasn’t looking forward to another long, hot, crammed, smelly, lurchy bus ride to the temple town.

Once again, just when I thought that I’d had enough and couldn’t handle any more (my blue mood) something like this happens and puts you back on your feet. It’s another valuable lesson: when you travel you are never really alone and in the end everything works out.

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