Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Historic Roosevelt Hotel overlooks Hollywood Boulevard; it’s hard to walk down the Boulevard and not notice it’s looming shape and distinctive neon sign.

The hotel opened in 1927 and was the site of the 1st Academy Awards in 1929. It’s also said that Marilyn Monroe’s ghost haunts a mirror in her old room: #229.

On the Boulevard there are stars everywhere and people mull around trying to find their favourites — whether is be Snow White, Kermit the Frog, or one of many movie stars, musicians or personalities.

If you want to experience some great people watching, find a coffee shop on the strip and watch people react to the stars on the walkway.

I’ve singled out Julie Andrews in the gallery because I’m currently reading her memoir:

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is an extremely popular tourist location and starting point for many Hollywood tours. It opened on May 18, 1927, and has since hosted three Academy Awards ceremonies.

The Boulevard will add a star for everyone and their dog, horse, and puppet — but Grauman is very selective about who gets to add their foot, hand, leg or other body parts to the Forecourt to the Stars.

I heard a rumour (that I can’t substantiate) that the theatre periodically rotates the slabs to showcase more popular stars and because they’ve run out of space. That said, I did find Ester William’s slab. I’m not sure that many non-synchronized swimmers know who Ester Williams is.

The theatre is still active and a highly sought after location for movie premiers and birthday parties. I was there for the premiere of Cat’s and Dogs (when Christina Applegate showed off her pregnant belly).

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