Whistle Stop Cafe, High River

In the middle of High River, exactly when we were not expecting it, we discovered the rather unique Whistle Stop Cafe on 1st Street SW.

As we rounded a corner on our way to a different cafe, we saw a maroon rail car parked in an open field and immediately veered into the parking lot. How could we pass up the opportunity to eat in a vintage 1940s train?

For me, the Whistle Stop Cafe name evoked images of Fanny Flagg and the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. But unlike its namesake, we weren’t eating deep-fried southern food (and other unmentionables), but rather good food in a rather intimate and charming setting.

Sandwiches, salad, soup, and pies — we opted for homemade lemonade in a jar and an enormous piece of heated mud brownie with mountains of whip cream — all for less than $10.

We’re told that in the summer this is a very popular destination for tourists. We lucked out and were able to pick our own seats on arrival. However, ten minutes later the train quickly filled with gads of eager eaters.

On the menu: Lunch in Nanton, desert in High River, coffee in Longview, and ice cream in Black Diamond.

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