Peterhouse, Cambridge

Peterhouse is a rather interesting mishmash of architecture, styles, and stories. When you first walk in you are greeted by a large green lawn that no one seems to walk upon. It takes a few seconds to get over the lawn and take in everything else.

Pieces of art, parts of buildings, and urban legend exist from just about every century since the College’s founding in 1284. In terms of its relation with other Cambridge institutes: it’s the oldest, the smallest, most traditional, and has educated many individuals who have made significant, lasting contributions to the world. Over the centuries it has spawned the likes of: Henry Cavendish (Chemist), Thomas Gray (Poet), Max Perutz (Molecular Biologist), Frank Whittle (Pilot and Engineer), and many others.

Plan to spend a bit of time wandering around the back side of the buildings. The backside is just as interesting architecturally as the courtyard.

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