The Pickerel Inn, Cambridge

This little unassuming pub (painted blue), pitched as the oldest pub in Cambridge, has been “serving” patrons for over 600 years; but, not always beer. In it’s long history it’s been both brothel and an opium den. Not surprisingly the pub has a ghost (or two), and is a destination on the Cambridge ghost tour.

Don’t let it’s unassuming appearance fool you, inside it looks old, feels old, and it’s easy to see why people like C.S. Lewis and Samuel Pepys liked to frequent the place. Just about every corner, stone, wood plank and piece of dust reeks of British history. And, if you somehow manage to find a spot inside overlooking the street, you’ll find prime people watching opportunities.

If you’re heading to the Pickerel for food, don’t expect too much. The food is standard pub fare and serving hours are limited. However, the selection of ales is rather robust as they offer a wide range of local and European brews. In the winter they offer mulled wine to help stave off the winter chill.

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