Washington Memorial — the Experience

I think almost every place that I’ve travelled to has some sort of gigantic penis monument; it must have been a trend in the mid-1800s. Washington is no exception and whilst there I did a tour of the Washington Memorial.

The memorial is pretty impressive. Work began on the monument in the 1850s but due to lack of funding and politics work stopped on the obelisk and it stood partially complete for nearly two decades. The monument was finally completed in 1884.

Originally to get to the top you had to take a gas-powered elevator that was slow and clunky — or you could climb the gazillion stairs that go to the top. Luckily we got to travel in a fast glass elevator.

Once at the top there are some pretty spectacular views of Washington. If you are feeling energetic you can always take the stairs down. It is a 40-minute hike and along the way, you get to see specially carved stones that each state and some cities/municipalities contributed.


If you decide to take the elevator down you don’t completely miss out on the stone show; it slows down at points so you can see some stones through the glass doors.

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  1. I lived in DC for awhile but have never been to the top of the Washington Monument. I’m going back in March, though, so maybe then.

  2. From your images, Washington seems to be a city of shadows, even on sunny days. I guess I’m just used to living in wide open spaces.

  3. The shadows are probably because I took the photos early in the morning. I can’t sleep much past 6am anymore even when Makenna isn’t there to wake me up.

  4. Interesting fact: the monument was originally capped with a piece of aluminum, since the metal was extremely rare and valuable at the time.

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