Federal Triangle

We started out Friday looking for something to eat because there was nothing around the place where we were staying. We tried to find something in the Old Post Office (pictured above) but unfortunately it was closed.

After wandering we found a food court within the Federal Triangle.

The Federal Triangle is an area just north of the Mall. It stretches from the White House to the Capitol Building and contains a whole schwack of important Federal offices and Government buildings; so important that to get into a building you have to pass through a series of unfriendly security people, have your person and bags searched and then have everything x-rayed. This is true for almost everything along the Mall as well.

Katherine (who stayed in DC until Monday) told me later that the best building to sightsee from was actually the Old Post Office. She said that from the roof you can get an excellent unimpaired view of the area; better than from the Washington Monument.

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